• Social Media Which Medium do You Choose

    The once famous or perhaps infamous media critic Marshall McLuhan espoused many years ago “the medium is the message.” So if he was correct, which Social Media platform you choose must say a lot about someone.

    I can think of six or more platforms that I use, regularly.

    Twitter|Facebook|FourSquare|LinkedIn|Skype|YouTube|Blogging & other Blog Sites

    But I must confess, my real SM home is Twitter. I like twitter the most. I like the lively – yet concise dialogues that are had on twitter. It’s also a little geeky and dare I say I like that too.  I have met some very cool people from twitter.  And lastly I will RT my best tweet of 2010 – Ppl who tweet r fun ppl. I will leave it up to my OD friends to obsess about what twitter being my number one platform means.

    I do also spend some time on Facebook, not so much but it is a great place to connect with people.  I used to reserve FB for my “real” friends and family.  But have adopted the William Tincup philosophy, which is, I am who I am on any and all platforms.  Accordingly, I am now FB friends with many of my twitter friends and some of LinkedIn acquaintances too and anyone else most anyone else who wants to connect. My project social partner Laura Schroeder is a Facebooker dirrenet than me.  She has some other ideas on the matter in her post titled Do you Facebook.

    This now really brings us to the point where the lines have become very blurry.  I have met many folks via SM and have now become good friends as we say IRL (in real life).  I also have friends of many years who I do not connect with on SM.   I also connect with folks on LinkedIn and then that goes to Facebook and to twitter.  It is becoming a never ending web. Now that’s my web, Lyn over at The HR Bacon Hut has an even more complex web of social application – seriously!

    Having recently attended HREvolution I saw just how cool FourSquare is if you’re looking for the party.  People check in and you see where the action is, and who is there.   However the same info from Foursquare is often found bleeding over on or through twitter.

    This now brings me to my closing point, about the different platforms.  In my opinion, it is ok to connect one or two mediums occasionally to get a message out, but in general I think it is a bad idea and turns people off – especially if you have 3 or 4 platforms connected. Each of them is different and serves a different audience in a different way.  So don’t connect all of your social media outlets, because it doesn’t make sense to different groups on different platforms.   And if Marshall McLuhan was right – boy will you be sending some major mixed messages!



  • The Art of the RT

    To RT of not to RT That is the Question

    The way that most of these Project Social cross-post develop are usually just a volley of ideas. This, oddly enough is almost like an MRT (Modified Re Tweet).  Where someone says something and then someone says it again and may add to it <like this!  If at this point RT is still unclear –  I would  Google it.

    Ok so now that’s  the what; is cleared up, how about the who, and the why.   Why do I RT the things that I do.

    • · Because the tweet is an awesome 140 character bits of wisdom
    • · Because the person that said it is a sage/savvy SM person and I want to demonstrate to them I value what they have to say.
    • · The tweet is funny – odd- or otherwise intriguing
    • · I enjoy the blogger and want to help them spread their message
    • · I got a DM asking me to retweet a particular tweet
    • · I picked the wrong function on Tweet Deck and out went the RT

    Ok so in true inverted pyramid style, now that I have the who, what, why, where  it is now on to when.  RT  ASAP.  This is even more true if you ever follow any of the online chats like #TChat.  The tweets and the Re-Tweets come so fast you can’t keep up. If you have never participated one of the twitter  chats – load up the hastag #tchat in one of your search columns, and be on-line at 7 PM Central  on Tuesday for Talent Culture’s Tchat, and watch the RT’s go by.

    If you don’t think the Talent Culture #Tchat is for you  Jessica over at www.blogging4jobs.com has put together this awesome list of twitter chats. Do yourself a favor and check one out.

    Lastly how to re-tweet – most apps have a function, or you can copy and paste the tweet and put RT in front of it.

    That is the HROfficial’s take on ReTweeting.  Now there are a couple other folks I would give an RT to just because of who they are.  It is kind of an act of friendship too.  So often time if I see my friend Laura aka @workgal has posted something on her blog  Working Girl. I will give an old RT just because of that.  And since Lyn Hoyt  aka  @designtwit has decided to hook here wagon to this ProjectSocia train as well,  I will give her an RT for any of her posts over at The Bacon Hut. Both Laura and Lyn have posted on this subject or RTs so click on over and see what their take is on RTs.

  • Boy Did this Guy Change Jobs

    I have been at home in the late afternoon the last couple of days watching TV as I exercise. I don’t really care for either activity but they go well together. The last two days I have seen this commercial while I was walking on the tread mill.

    That is Fred Thompson. You may recall him as a State Department Official, U.S. Senator from Tennessee and even an actor on Law & Order. And just in case you forgot, he was in the field of Republican candidates vying for the Presidential nomination in 2008.To be honest,  I am all for free enterprise but it just seems a tad bit sleazy to me that a guy who was a candidate for our country’s highest office is now hawking reverse mortgages on television. I guess I sound a bit like Andy Rooney… but it’s just not right!

  • You’re Injured – Need A Doctor or A Lawyer?

    I was waiting on my car the other day at the car dealership and was somewhat looking at the television which was playing away.  Then on comes a commercial about talking about hip replacement and the procedure itself, pretty much going down a path of what I perceived to be medical problems.  Then the announcer makes reference to a certain manufacturer of replacement hips, and says “if you have pain from this or have had this procedure done with this type of hip call this law office.”

    Now this really made me think… you are hurt or hurting so you should call a lawyer.  Shouldn’t you be calling a doctor? Or shouldn’t the commercial say, “ If you have had this hip replacement done with this type of hip call this law office and we will try to get you some money from the surgeon, the hospital, and the manufacturer of the replacement hip?”

    The Federal Trade commission is taking others like manufacturers, processors and retailers for their truth in advertisements.  Should not lawyers be held to the same standard?

    I agree that if someone has been wronged they should have an avenue to right the wrong.  It just doesn’t seem feasible that every wrong is compensable.

    Given my advance age now, although it is difficult BUT I can still remember the time when lawyers were not allowed to, or did not – for whatever reason advertise on television. Sometime in 1977 the Supreme Court cleared the way for lawyers to advertise on television.  So then we saw commercials of lawyers walking out of crumbling buildings or showing up on the scene of a horrific auto accident.  While the ads may vary in tone and content, I still find them to be annoying at best and disturbing at worst.  They all seem to boil down to a tag line of, “Call me, we’ll sue someone.”

    Maybe we should change the rules, and go back to a time when the only ads lawyers had were in the Yellow Pages – aw hell, you can hardly find Yellow Pages now.

  • SHRM, HRevolution, ERE, HRTech…Why do you go?

    Three time attendees recognized at HRevolutioin

    In this post I will be making reference and linking over to my project social partner Laura Schroeder; like we have both done a number of times.  But with today’s post Laura and I are going to add new friend and blogger to our little project social project link-fest.  For those of you who don’t know her, please say hello to  Lyn Hoyt (from twitter @designtwit) and her blog site http://hrbaconhut.com/content/.  Lyn will be linking back and forth with Laura and I now and then. So onto today’s post…

    Having recently returned from HRevolution this subject is top of mind for me.  Over the past few years I have had to opportunity and good fortune to attend a number of conferences.   Many of these my employer has paid for, and for that I am most thankful.  I have attended some other SHRM events, and while I did not have to pay to attend, on some occasions, I have committed to working and I have paid to get myself there or for meals or other incidentals.  And in the last case such as HRevolution, I paid my own (airfare, lodging, conference fee and incidentals) way to be there.

    At the various events I have attended I often encounter a number of people who seem to be in attendance at virtually every event. I look at this and I am left with more questions than answers.  I question this not to be mean or rude – simply just out of curiosity.  I understand that some of the folks who morph between attendee and participant are there to promote themselves, besides being an attendee; and I get that.

    While there are other folks who are in attendance and never present, but seem to know and hang with all of the ”A” players.

    And then there’s my group those of us that show occasionally at some of the events and know many of the folks.

    Now that I have identified the groups, I am still curious to understand what it is that drives each of these groups. I have my own reasons for attending different events. I attend for theses reasons:

    • To obtain recertification credits for my SHRM designation
    • To learn current thinking current legislative matters
    • To seek out creative solution to complex problems that I face
    • To understand better an organizations goals and objectives
    • To visit with old friends and make new ones
    • To travel to fun, exotic or just warm locations
    • To get away from the day to day grind and clear my head
    • To participate as a panelist or speak at the event

    That is my list – for now.  Why else do you spend time on the conference circuit or simply what drive you to attend an event?  I would love to hear from anyone who attends! For a couple  more looks at the conference circuit check out Laura here – and Lyn here.

  • HRevolution 2011 in the Books

    @Controllergirl a.k.a. Teresa Morris providing some visual HR commentary

    Well HRevolution v3.0 is over,  let the posts begin.  I spent about $800 to attend, and probably would have spent a little more had it not be for the generosity of Mr. W.  I would do it again in heartbeat because I so enjoy this group of people and their collective view on things (and having a few cocktails with them as well.)   Why did I go and why will I return to the next one, I guess is really at the core of this whole deal.

    While this was only my second version of HRevolution, I have come to know many of the participants on line and in real life. The collective attendees are simply great people, so much that they renew my faith in people.  We have men, women, pretty much all races, many religions, old, young, small, tall, big and not so big folks, but we are all one – and then we hug each other too!.  It’s kind of corny but it is also very cool.  I am kind of a portly old married guy and people still want to hug me and I want to hug them back. (Jesus we couldn’t do this at work could we?)

    Ben Eubanks ask me whether this was better than Chicago.  I told him yes, and of course he asked me why. This event was better, in my opinion because of the conference space – AND the people in it.  First I will speak to the space issue.  While I enjoyed the Catalyst Ranch and how it was going to inspire people with its open and eclectic space, but when it is all said and done, the traditional room/classroom or meeting style really works be3tter – for me.  The other thing that was better was the people and the session leaders.  The “unconference model” (if you don’t know this, you might google it) allows the attendees to actively participate.  This creates energy, vibe, buzz – call it what you will, but in the room and it is palpable.  The buzz and the interaction, this year was very good.

    I only attended about 1/3 of the sessions, although the ones I did were informative, energetic and enlightening.  For the $125 to get in the door it was money well spent. What I have found is this, I am coming to like most of my twitter friends and relish the time I get to hang out with them (in real life) and catch up with them. I must ask myself – is this a sickness or a redeeming quality?  And if I didn’t tweet you and tell you how fun it was to meet and hang with you this is my apology here.

    While at the event I met someone who told me they enjoy reading most of this (what I refer to as drivel) stuff that I crank out her and over at www.ilshrmblog.org, thanks Lyn! .  If I keep doing it long enough I may get that number to 3 or 4.  I took a more than 100 pictures at the event and they are posted on Picasa.

    There are more pictures courtesy of Monster and they are here.  I will have a couple more posts on this later this week.