I recently attended a student H.R. competition and came away from the event feeling refreshed and just generally better about things. I am not sure exactly what it is but the 30 and under folks, but I get a vibe from most of them I encounter that “all is well.” Conversely when I am around the 40 + crowd, by and large, I get the overwhelming sense that, we as individuals can’t do much to change our fate or what goes on around us. I find that aura to be a downer. I was discussing this with my Project Social Partner Laura Schroeder last week.  Here is what she had to say on the matter.

Meantime, I know this is stereotyping but these are the feelings I get. What can we do about this? We are all familiar with the mentoring concept. Well I think we need to encourage our younger counterparts to do some reverse mentoring. Just as the older folks take a younger person under their wing and “teach then the ropes” by advising and coaching them on professional matters, it would appear to me that our younger folks could do the same with their 40 + peers in need of a attitude adjustment.

It would be really nice if our younger pros were able to do this for the older crowd without us knowing about it. I am not sure how you improve someone’s outlook without them know that you are doing so, but I am sure some of these bright young minds can figure this out.

So there is my reverse mentoring challenge. If you are under 30 take that challenge, I just don’t want to know that you are changing me.