My flight arrived in Atlanta on time.  MARTA was simple, cheap, easy and safe.  I walked in the door at the hotel to be greeted by Ben Eubanks, Trish Mc Farmland, Robin Schooling and Crystal Peterson.  Even though I arrived early at the hotel my 21st floor room (same floor as the Presidential Suite – thanks Trish) was ready early – got checked in and the madness has begun.

We attended a lunch sponsored by People Matter  and heard about their software.  It was a good lunch and good overview of their product.  They are sponsoring the tweet up tonight, so we’ll get real cozy with these folks.  The rooms are great with flat screens.  The only down side is it is a Marriott (expensive rooms), and with expensive rooms comes Un-Free internet – $14.95 a day to be exact.  I don’t get that at the $89 a night hotels it is free – huh?

So I am getting all charged up for the tweet up. No literally, my phone, my camera, my video camera, my external power supply for my phone – and next me – maybe a short nap.

It is GREAT to see all of the HRevolution peeps.  Many I know, some I don’t but I am making friend with them all.  Question to me…Hmm are all of these people thought leaders?

Ok so for now that it – more later!  Some pics here