As we go through life and our careers, we are always looking for the silver bullet, the fix that will fix everything. Well, sadly I am coming to understand that it doesn’t exist, and if you even want to come close to finding that silver bullet, you have to make it yourself.  And the best way I have found to make your own things is take input from various and sundry sources mix it together in your own way, and then output something as your own. In this post I am going to list some not so HR tips. Mine are not the best, the worst they are just mine. Take these and do what you want with them. This list is some of the things I have picked up along the way, and not necessarily specific to Human Resources.

So from this Dave here is my top ten list of HR tips

  1. Know your business – besides HR understand your organization core mission and be true to it.
  2. The price is never the price – Oh yeah some sales rep may tell you it cost $100, but you can probably get it for less, or get something else thrown into the deal; the trick here is you have to ask.
  3. Always remember to say thank you – Whether it is to you customers, co-workers, family or friends ALWAYS say thanks.
  4. Know the answer to the question before you ask it. – There is not much that you can’t find out if you just Google it.
  5. Network – always be looking to make new friends, and take the time to nurture the old friends too.
  6. Help others – Do something kind, good or for free for others. This will make you feel good. (Recently for no reason my wife and I bought lunch for the car behind us in line at Mc Donald.)
  7. Be passionate – Do what you love and love what you do.
  8. Exercise frequently – this will do you more good than you can imagine
  9. Tell the truth – Integrity is easy to keep and hard to get back.
  10. Make sure your I-9s are filled out properly

This isn’t so much HR related, but it is. If you do all of these things it will make you a better person therefore making you better at HR.