All of the good people are working – that’s a phrase most of us in H.R. have heard before.  Do you believe it?  I don’t, not for a minute.  My Project Social partner Laura Schroeder and I were discussing this recently and both shared the same position. You can read what she had to say about the matter here.  However, there are those folks who do not share our view. 

Somehow the folks who subscribe to this theory think that this, no matter what, the good people always land on their feet, and in a job – without fail. Taken to a wild extrapolation, the other side of this equation would go like this; all of the people who are unemployed, if hired would be or become bad employees, 

As I think about the axiom of this post, all of good people are working, it seems more ludicrous in light our current economic situation.  In my state IL, statistics tell us that unemployment runs from about 7.5% to 13%.

I understand how organization, want and need to get rid of the dead weight in their organizations, and like it or not an economic down turn does give a company a chance to shed some of those folks.  There is also no doubt they are not going to get rid of their key or top performers,  short of the nuclear option (bankruptcy, sale of the business, etc.),

But what about that nuclear option – that does happen.  So if the theory is valid it would seem that the displaced employee, who is must not be or can not become unemployed, must have had a couple of things in the works.  Theory one says that the perfect employee is so good that they are always being hunted, courted or followed by recruiters or other employers, and once they became available the other employers would be pouncing on this person lavishing them with job offers.   Theory 2 finds the perfect employee always in the job market, perhaps unbeknown to their current employer.  Theory 2 though makes this person less than perfect, because the perfect employee is not on the hunt.

Assume once again that I have figured this out, and the best do stayed employed – are there not any good ones left in the ranks of the unemployed?

Those who would answer no – there are no good ones, are part of our consumable, disposable society.  Today there are so many things

We don't fix or re-use these keyboards, we just throw them away. Are we doing that with the unemployed?

 that we do not repair, we just toss ‘em and get a new one.  Micro-waves, DVD players, computers, and televisions we don’t fix them, when they break we get a new one, a better one.  This is what they want to do with our unemployed folks, they’re broken – unemployed. They have lost their job and subsequently have now lost their employability.   So we’ll throw them away never to be hired again, at least as an “A” player.

I don’t have a huge volume of jobs to offer, but I will not exclude looking through the ranks of the unemployed to find some good ones.  I know that they are out there and I will find some of them, I haven’t given up on them.