Now that I have my own blog site, I can write whatever I want and not worry too much if I offend someone, or if I narrow-cast directed at an audience that is too small.

This post goes out to these fine people…

Laura Gasparas

Brenda Blanchar

Lisa Touloumis

Tonya Laux

Jenni Case

Mindy Hassebrock

Niccol Stout

Thiyumi Abesysinghe

Linda Bomya

Shane Stafford

Lindsay Birdsong

Becky Skehan-Passie

Aaron Banks

Danielle Haley

Brandie Forcum

Michelle Theobald

Rachel Ona

Kristina Miller

Kari Elliott

Ryan McKillips  _–>>> GO BLUES!

Kyle Nestlehut

Kendall Burrage

Patrick Davis

Amy Zappo

Alisha Kulek

Randy Knuppel

Chelsea Jones

Lawrence Crowley

Lacey Pollock

Lesley Kaspraun

Andrea Bennett

Amy Hallmark

Matthew Scrivano

James Schacht

Tara Sablotny

Timothy Dillon

Matthew Duff

Christine Magallon (good to see you again!)

Bailey Meek

Steve Blythe

Sinh Mai

WHEW! Damn that’s a big class

I wanted to thank all of you guys for being a great audience and for taking the time to write thank you notes (although I’ll bet that was required- right?).

I really enjoy the opportunity to speak to students, and especially the one who are interested and enthusiastic about learning.  Keep my name and number and if our paths cross remind me that we met and how. Use this tactic to your advantage.  You should do this with all of the other HR people you meet. We are, after all people people.

You have a great instructor, Donna Rogers, learn all you can from her and all of the other classes you take at UIS which is a fine institution.  I graduated from there and have done ok too. Thanks again – Dave!