With my new found status as Director of Social Media for the IL State Council of SHRM I have had a number of folks question me about social or new media and its use.  During the summer I met a local SHRM chapter member at a chapter event.  She asked if we could discuss SM. I chatted with her a while and gave her some ideas.  Being a networking kind of guy, I gave her a business card and told her to call me if she wanted to talk more or had any questions.

Well she did call me, and wanted to know more about Linkedin and Twitter.  So we agreed to meet at Panera and discuss some of her questions.  During lunch she had to take a call, as she was in transition at that time and actively pursing employment.   After this meeting, I encouraged her to trade emails or mock group issues with me so she could get a feel for how Linkedin functioned.

Fast forward to almost Thanksgiving, when I spoke to my friend again.  She told me that she had landed a new job.  She landed the job through an old friend from high school who was now working as a recruiter.  She told me this recruiter had over 500 connections on Linkedin.  This recruiter was staffing a job she had been eyeing and low and behold she ended up getting this job.  And it was all because of Linkedin.